An odd couple of an angel-in-training and a disaster-prone high school student

Wingin’ It is a half-hour, single-camera comedy about a teenage odd couple. One half of the duo is Porter Jackson, a ‘devil may care’ fifteen year old Angel-In-Training (AIT) who has been sent to Earth on an assignment to get his Angel wings. The other half is Carl Montclaire, a fifteen year old typical high school kid, who’s somewhat prone to bad luck.

The hook? If Porter wants to earn his Angel wings, he’ll need to complete his earthly assignment of making Carl the most popular kid at Bennett High. Porter certainly has a tall order. It’s hard enough making anyone the most popular kid in school, let alone someone plagued with Carl’s lightning rod ability to get into trouble. And if that isn’t enough, Carl doesn’t always want Porter helping him out. So what’s an Angel to do? Maybe cheat a little. Porter figures anyone could use a little help from a guardian Angel once in awhile.

As dynamic as this hilarious relationship is, the show branches out to include Carl’s high school friends as they negotiate the choppy waters of teen-hood together. Wingin’ It explores the everyday issues and challenges of high school life- getting on a sports team, doing well on a class assignment, not doing anything too dorky, wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music. All of this and more is reflected through the prism of Carl and Porter’s reluctant partnership.

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