The course of the media and advertising universe never runs smooth, and 2011 was certainly no exception.


Media mergers, CEO musical chairs and the omnipresent necessity of doing digital and analytics better than ever were just some of the stories keeping us at Media in Canada busy over the past year. But, as always, some work stands out more than others. So, the Media in Canada and strategy staff have picked some of their favourite media executions and brand campaigns from 2011.


Katie Bailey, editor, Playback (former managing editor, Media in Canada):
"I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I loved the concept of Recipe to Riches from Temple Street Productions. I think the retail tie-in was organic, unique and forward-thinking and the best part is, people watched it. The show itself was well-executed, with great personalities and enough drama to keep things interesting, and the prize was substantial enough to create real tension for the win. And who didn’t love 82-year-old Glo sweetly stealing the prize from all the young ‘uns with her Luscious Lemon Pudding? On the retail side, Loblaw did a great job promoting Recipe, with brightly coloured boxes for the products – featuring great caricature graphics – and in-store racking and signage that stood out amidst the clutter of the grocery store aisles. Additionally, Loblaw utilized its massive reach by including Recipe promotion it its flyers, putting the show literally in the homes of millions. Smart and well-executed from all corners."


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