Toronto, July 20, 2011 – Toronto-based Temple Street Productions Inc. (Temple Street) , a leading producer of television, film and digital media content, Capital C, an international award-winning advertising and marketing agency, and MDC Partners (MDC), a multinational marketing communications, data analytics, and consulting organization announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to develop, produce and deliver original premium programming opportunities for brands and broadcasters alike.

“Viewers respond to great content,” says John Young, Managing Director of Temple Street Productions.   “By combining our in-house expertise in content creation and the art and craft of storytelling, Capital C’s brand building, and MDC’s international reach we can offer a new form of entertainment with an additional level of engagement for the viewer.  This is part of our overall corporate strategy towards expanding our core business to create alternative long and short-form content in all genres, for distribution across all platforms.”

“This partnership introduces a new business model that brings together advertisers, agencies, content creators and broadcasters, organically integrating brands from a concept’s inception in order to shorten the distance between viewer and consumer.  Using a combination of mass media, analytics and social media we will drive tangible results for the world’s largest brands.” says Tony Chapman, Founder and CEO of Capital C.

“MDC has a tradition of supporting world-class talent and we’re excited to bring our vast international network of clients and agencies, and build upon the extraordinary momentum that Temple Street and Capital C have established, enabling our clients to benefit from the changing media landscape,” says Miles Nadal, Chairman and CEO, MDC Partners.

Recognizing the realities of a fragmented media landscape, this newly formed partnership will create scalable content opportunities across platforms that redefine the viewer/consumer relationship through deep and meaningful engagement.